Shaira Amón is an arabian professional dancer and an arabian dance teacher of the CIAD (Confederación Interamericana de la Danza, which means Inter-American Dance Confederation). Since she has been in this bussiness for more than 14 years, she has developed her own style, thanks to her effort, dedication and passion for the dance.

She was born in Argentina. She started her path into this dance since she was very young in the Syrian-Lebanese Association of Neuquén. Later on, she was taught by the best representatives of the arabian dance, such as Virginia (USA), with whom she travelled every year to attend to mastering courses; Mohamed El Sayed (Egypt); Abdel Fattah Naeem (Egypt); Maha Tawfik (Egypt); Eva (Egypt); Mahmoud Reda (Egypt); Yousry Sharif (Egypt, USA); Doaa Sallam (Egypt); Mohamed Kazafy (Egypt); Horacio and Beata Cifuentes (Germany); Meera (India, USA); Ahmet Luleci (Turkey, USA); Yad (Lebanon), and from Argentina, Amir Thaleb —to whom she has an everlasting admiration—, Maiada, Saida, Sarat, Romina Mustone, Yael, Salomé Mayo, Yousef Constantino, Jonathan Palermo, Yamil Annum, Gabriel Ahmed, Sebastián Triviño and many others.

A woman of a restless, but determined, spirit; she firmly believes in constant growth and improvement:
• She studied classical and contemporary dance with Mario Silva (Argentina). She has also knowledge of tango, salsa and spanish dances.
• She took courses and she attended to classes with different great musicians, Osvaldo Brandán, Mario Kirlis and Douglas Felis, so as to improve her musical awareness, which would help her in mastering the dance.
• She works as a model in important fashion shows of international designers.
• She was chosen for incredible photo productions by Mike Mercau, which were awarded in New York.
• She took part as a model in the most important national festivals and carnival parades.
Shaira was awarded with the Best Argentine Arabian Dancer Prize, because of her unique style. The prize was given to her in Sheraton Hotel of Córdoba city by the Argentine Federation of Dance Professionals and the CIAD. Moreover, she is a member of the CID, UNESCO. In addition to this, she has been awarded with the Artistic Merit of Honors Medal for her work as a teacher and dancer. She was also recognized as Promise Teacher for her constant search of providing a higher level of dance education.

She won more than one hundred and fifty gold medals and prizes given by the CIAD, among them, Best Dancer and Breakout Dancer in the states of Mendoza and Tucumán. She was also recognized as Distinguished Citizen in the state of Córdoba.

She was pronounced as Artistic Exponent by the Lebanese embassador, Dr. Hicham Hamdan, and his wife, Mrs. Afaf Hamdan in 2010.
Academic Studies
• Complete Teacher Training College Degree
• Student of Law at the University Siglo 21 (attending)
• English
• Spanish
• Arabian, Lebanese dialect (attending)
• French (attending)
• Bachelor's degree of Education
• Teacher Training Degree for Primary School in the state of Neuquén, registered by the Educational Council
• Drawing and painting studies
• Sports skills
• Theater and expression
National and International Tours
Shaira Amón has been on successfull tours around Europe, Asia, Africa, America and many areas of Middle East and Magreb. She participated as professional dancer, examination teacher and jury in international contests of the following countries:
• USA: in Orlando – Florida restaurants, such as the ones in Disney (Epcot and Down Town) and Bongos Cuba Cafe, owned by the well known artist, Gloria Stefan.
• Egypt, Dubai, Irak, Tunicia, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Qatar-Ain, Bangladesh, Maldivas, England, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.

She has also been interviewed by international and national mass media for her work as a representative of dance and culture. Moreover, she was called by important casts, such as Arabian Nights in October 2010, in which she took part within the great Osvaldo Brandán.

Shaira Amón is recognized by the Arabian colectivity (JUCAL, FEARAB) and called by diplomatic staff, embassies and govermental members, as well as by institutions, because of her commitment and respect for the Arabian culture.

Even more, she has participated and promoted social activities in benefit of those in need. In 2008, they declared of State and Cultural Interest the event she organized in benefit of the Hospital of Zapala, Neuquén, her home city. In 2013, she will hold the fourth inter-american contest in General Roca, Río Negro State, in benefit of the town Hospital.

Shaira is the organizer of many shows, encounters, seminars and contests that have been declared of State Interest in Neuquén and Río Negro since 2003. She owns Shaira Amón Dance Institute in the city of Neuquén and RaksVoyage ballet. In adittion to this, she does research work in the arabian world so as to enrich her experience and give her own contribution to such beautiful art.

Translated into English by Mabel Pan.